Big 30 Athletic Fund Recognizes Football All-Stars At Testimonial Dinner

Big 30 Athletic Fund Recognizes Football All-Stars At Testimonial Dinner

By: Ed Weaver | Big 30 Athletic Corporation | November 28, 2023 | Photo courtesy Paul Burdick

The Big 30 Athletic Fund recognized its all-star football players and coaches during its testimonial dinner at Pitt-Bradford on Sunday, November 12.

The Fund handed out its major awards, offensive and defensive all-stars, and also presented two scholarships. Both scholarships, the 12th Man Award, are for $500 and given to one senior from New York and one senior from Pennsylvania.

The 12th Man typically goes to a senior who has played football for four years and, while not necessarily a star player on the field, one who displays exceptional effort throughout his time with the program. This year's Mike Abdo Award, the New York 12th Man, went to Allegany-Limestone's Tyler Babb, while the Joe Bizzarro Award, for Pennsylvania, went to Cameron County's Jesop Farabaugh.

In a tradition started in 2016, the committee recognized an individual who has dealt with hardship in life but displays qualities such as teamwork, compassion and character. The Joe DeCerbo Memorial Award, named for the long-serving late youth coach and official, goes to an individual who reflects DeCerbo's values. This year's DeCerbo Award winner was Coudersport senior Dylan Howard.

Major Award Winners

New York 12th Man Award: Tyler Babb, Allegany-Limestone

Pennsylvania 12th Man Award: Jesop Farabaugh, Cameron County

Team Sportsmanship Award: Ryan Neyman, Cameron County

Coach of the Year: Chad Bartoszek, Salamanca

Player of the Year: Dalton Giboo, Pioneer

Defensive Player of the Year: Sam Platt, Pioneer

Lineman of the Year: Carson Neely, Port Allegany

Joe DeCerbo Memorial Award: Dylan Howard, Coudersport

Offensive All-Stars

Manning Splain, Otto-Eldred

Hayden Emley, Portville/Cuba-Rushford

Kaedon Holcomb, Portville/Cuba-Rushford

Arlen Newark, Salamanca

Connor Braley, Randolph

Aidan McAlee, St. Marys

Matthew Davis, St. Marys

Michael Frederick, Allegany-Limestone

Dalton Giboo, Pioneer

Luke Matheis, Pioneer

Carson Neely, Port Allegany

Jimmy Steppe, Pioneer

Peyton Stiles, Port Allegany

Gavyn Ayers, Coudersport

Hunter Smith, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Defensive All-Stars

Aiden Bliss, Port Allegany

Cory Holleran, Salamanca

Malakai Zucal, Cameron County

Ethan Coleman, Portville/Cuba-Rushford

Noah Shenk, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Jake Franz, Bradford

Juuso Young, Port Allegany

Ryan Isenberg, Olean

Zach Trietley, Salamanca)

Mason Sheeley, St. Marys

Karter Giboo, Pioneer

Sam Platt, Pioneer

Miska Young, Port Allegany

Isaiah Ploetz, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Isaac Towne, Franklinville/Ellicottville

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